08 March 2011

a muslim's duties towards the Al-Quran


lately saya jumpa satu website, owh so muslim! jazakumullah khairan kathira, bukan senang nak berdakwah dalam bentuk lukisan. dan lukisannya semua kartun tomey-tomey laaaa. here some;

5 duties towards the Quran

Believing in the Quran is the third pillar of faith in Islam!

Recite it in the best manner possible; which is slowly, clearly and with a nice and proper tone.

Understand of the Quran means to contemplate its meanings, to reflect on its teachings, aims and wisdoms.

Apply and practice the contents of the Quran!

one must acquire the knowledge, for one cannot provide any guidance without knowledge. Remember, “Spread knowledge even if it’s just one verse of the Quran!” So equip yourself with good knowledge (even if it’s just little) and you’re good to go!

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